Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Truth

It's time to admit it. I suck at blogging. There was once a time when I was brilliant at it, but it appears that that time has passed. 
I'm still here, and I still read lots of awesome blogs, and I am so amazed at the choice friends I have made in real life from geeky internet beginnings, but I just don't have it in me these days. I don't know what changed, but the whole process just started to feel too hard. I'm going to blame the interface update of blogger, but that is probably an easy out for bigger life changes. I don't want to say goodbye forever, but given how little I currently give to blogging I can't see when it will change. 
Because I'm not here I have moved all my past posts to draft. It just felt weird having my kids out there on the interwebs without me keeping tabs on them. Sorry to my Nana who I know enjoys reading through the old stuff. I will find a way to load or send pictures just for you. 
Thank you blogger for everything you have given me. 
Until we meet again, all my love.